Teddy Bear’s Sleepover at Edinburgh International Festival 2018

Check out these photos from Teddy Bear’s Sleepover!


Aww..here they all are: tucked into bed and ready to go to sleep. Night, night teddies!



But hang on a minute! What is happening here?! The teddies have snuck out of bed to explore the festival, getting up to all sorts of unsupervised antics:

The teddies wanted another story! Okay, one more story, but then it is time for bed!



These teddies are not going to bed. They are having a sing – a – long!



The teddies are advising Doctor Book on books to read.



Midnight stories in the bookshop.



After all that reading, singing and consulting the teddies are hungry. Snow Bunny and Blue Bunny suggests they have a picnic.



Don’t jump into the hot chocolate Hans! Oh no, too late!



The teddies have just had three scoops of icecream each: chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. Yum!



The teddies are doing some life-drawing.



But look! Aww Tigger has snuggled up and fallen asleep. It’s time for all the teddies to go to bed.



Night, night teddies. Night, night.